Lisa Rubsam

Project Designer


Design, Renovations


Lisa loves to cook and is always trying a new recipe and inviting friends over to share it. If she is not in the kitchen, or spending time with her husband, Rob, 2 daughters and boxer, you will find her reading a book or working in the garden. She is currently researching ways to increase her vegetable garden's bounty (especially tomatoes) and finding additional ways to prepare the unending supply of apples produced in the fall by apple trees in her yard.
Traveling to new destinations and experiencing different cultures as a family is definitely high on the list of fun activities for her. The most recent country visited: Costa Rica. The next one she wants to experience: Scotland

Professional Credentials

B. Arch Iowa State University

Contact Information
  515-965-5336 ext 107
About Lisa Rubsam

Lisa is a project designer at Imprint Architects. She has over 20 years of architectural design experience. This includes work on residential, multi-family, retirement communities, commercial, restaurant and educational projects. In addition to her design experience she also has also worked on many residential design-build projects and specializes in renovations.

Favorite Architectural Style

There are many styles that Lisa enjoys. This week, her favorite style is Modern Cottage. The classic lines with a modern twist add character and a timelessness feel. She loves driving through established neighborhoods and seeing the classic styles of the past.

Next week her style of choice will be Modern. The clean lines, a variety of materials and ability to focus on views to the outside make this style a favorite of Lisa's.

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