Karl Chambers

President, Architect


Commercial Development, Residential Design, Building Science


Snowmobiling, Iowa State Cyclones, The Dallas Cowboys, and sharing time with family and friends while engaging in any of the aforementioned passions!

Professional Credentials

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Contact Information
  515-965-5336, Ext 101
About Karl Chambers

Karl Chambers is President of Imprint, overseeing the management of the firm and remaining hands-on in all aspects of the design and construction process - his passion. As a lifelong resident of the Midwest, Karl learned that honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic are integral to any working relationship. He started Imprint Architects in 1998 by applying these values to a more collaborative approach in the design and construction of buildings. By combining strong values with a team approach to project management, Imprint has developed a more efficient process and has achieved better designed and higher quality buildings.

Favorite Architectural Style

When it comes to choosing a favorite architectural style, Karl does not land on any one approach, as he believes it's the inclusion and diversity of many styles and building types that make up the fabric of a great community. He appreciates the minimalism and the play of light and form in modern design, yet is also fascinated with the intricacy of detailing in Traditional Japanese Architecture. "I do believe that all projects need to connect in some way to the environment in which they are built. These connections may either by physical in nature or on a cultural or historical level that links inhabitants to their building on a more spiritual plane.

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