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Jeff Wiseman

Vice President, Architect


Quality Control


Jeff stays busy with three children and a beautiful wife and enjoys doing the things that his family is most interested in. He is active in his church and loves being outdoors. Adventures such as traveling, Jeeping on trails, shooting sports, and the Iowa State Cyclones are just a few of his passions. Jeff loves to build and create in the workshop, tinkering with go-karts, mini bikes, and RC cars. He is a self-proclaimed "big kid" playing with big kid toys. Jeff recognizes life is short and works to make the most of it in everything he does.

Professional Credentials

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Contact Information
  515-965-5336 #102
About Jeff Wiseman

Jeff Wiseman is Vice President and Partner at Imprint Architects. He spends his days meeting with clients, coordinating with consultants and ensuring quality control for the drawings and renderings produced by the Imprint team. He seeks meaning in all originated within the business, but does so with an eye on ensuring fun is being had by the masses.

Favorite Architectural Style

For Jeff, buildings (and architecture in general) are experienced in the whole but appreciated in the details. He is fascinated with connections, which can be everything from how the building connects to its surroundings (physically, culturally or environmentally) to how materials come together in a detail. Imprint is always focused on improving how buildings perform from an aesthetic, thermal and water mitigation perspective. Much of this happens out of view - inside the walls. But what the public can see is just as important. In Jeff's opinion, the intersection of all these facets into a cohesive environment that people can appreciate is what makes a project a success.

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