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Heather Van Essen

Senior Interior Designer


Workplace Strategy


With a family of five and 3 pets, spending time together in between the chaos of daily responsibilities warms Heather's heart most. The experiences together whether at laughing at home or taking a road trip, result in cherished moments fondly remembered by her entire family. Reading captivated her as a child and it continues to be Heather's favorite way to relax.

Professional Credentials

NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification)

Contact Information
  515-965-5336 x109
About Heather Van Essen

Heather Van Essen is an Interior Designer at Imprint Architects. As an interior designer, Heather recognizes that creating an experience for the user is important for human interaction within a space. Designing interiors includes identifying space needs and implementing the program into a floor plan with consideration to ADA guidelines and building code requirements. Developing the three dimensional aspect brings the vision to life. Selection of lighting and interior materials help describe the language of the space and finish the design. In her role with Imprint, Heather ensures special emphasis on all of these considerations.

Favorite Architectural Style

To Heather, successful architecture considers a confluence of exterior and interior components interfacing quietly. The elements of a building uniting the landscape with a contiguous threshold to the interior environment inspires her. An illustrious design evoking human well-being with natural lighting and views to nature defines a successful architectural experience for Heather.