Emma Van Zante

Architectural Designer


Multi-family Residential, Retail & Commercial, GSA, Digital Visualization


Puppers (Moose/Mia) and Husband! Backpacking & Camping, Foodie, Coffee, Home Renovating and all things DIY, Dinner parties with friends and family!

Professional Credentials

LEED GA, American Institute of Architects Associate (AIA Assoc.)

Contact Information
  515-965-5336 x112
About Emma Van Zante

Emma is an architectural designer with experience in diverse project types including; retail and commercial, multi-family residential, master-planning, educational and GSA. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, Emma brings conceptual design ideas to life through the skillful application of digital media technologies. Her vivacious personality and open-mindedness make her a valuable collaborator in team projects, fostering a creative and inclusive atmosphere

Favorite Architectural Style

“I find inspiration from many styles of architecture, but my favorite is classical, specifically classical architecture derived from Greek and Roman philosophy! Symmetry in classical architecture is considered the essence of beauty and aesthetics. So when practicing architecture, I often refer to this style as the foundation for common sense design strategies. I find the intricate and meticulous craftsmanship quite satisfying to experience both visually and physically, especially when a space is figured out so carefully and mathematically."