Delbert Stevens

Delbert Stevens

Project Manager


Leadership in Project Management


Old industrial engines
Extreme adventure sports
Community involvement

Professional Credentials

Masters in Healthcare Administration, NCARB, AIA, BArch, B.A.Arch

Contact Information
About Delbert Stevens

Delbert W Stevens Jr. is a Project Manager at Imprint Architects. He has a long and extensive professional history of design and collaboration with strong design professionals. Through these partnerships, Del has achieved a strong industry leadership position as an architect and designer. With a focus on complete excellence in all he does, Del places careful attention to detail and craft, pushing projects to a high level of exceptional design and client satisfaction.

Favorite Architectural Style

Del believes that achieving excellence in architectural style necessitates an integrated approach that balances the aesthetic outcome with goals of sustainability and functionality. His education, knowledge and design experience tells the story of commitment to these values, with the ability to engage in strong dialogue for excellent building design that is both beautiful and human purposed. Within these guidelines, architectural style is project specific - conforming to each client’s needs as with Timber Ridge in Issaquah, WA.

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