Who We Are

Imprint Architects is Iowa's premier commercial and residential architecture firm. As a leader in the New Urban Design movement in Central Iowa, we recognize that walkable, human-scaled buildings, neighborhoods and developments are the building blocks of a sustainable community and region.

For that reason, we design buildings and developments that put people ahead of automobiles and encourages interaction between neighbors.

Designing and building for both commercial and residential markets, Imprint Architects is proud of our designs found in hundreds of Midwest homes, mixed-use developments, civic buildings, commercial developments, and religious facilities throughout the Midwest.

We work enthusiastically to leave an impression on the lives of the people who live, work, and dwell within the architectural projects we complete.

Our Story

Imprint Architects was started in 1998 by Karl Chambers with the idea that by fostering a team approach to the design and construction process, high-quality design could be delivered more efficiently with a greater degree of customer satisfaction.

In 2010, the name of our firm was changed to Imprint Architects; a reflection on the important ways our work impacts the lives of the people who live, work, and worship within our designs. Our developments impact neightborhoods and leave an "imprint" on our communities.

Imprint Architects strives to deliver a superior design experience. We achieve this by listening to our clients and providing innovative design solutions to achieve the goals of the project within the constraints established.

Using a holistic approach to sustainability in design and construction that exceeds national rating systems, we design with consideration of the building as an interconnected whole which is also part of the larger eco-system.

Our Team

Our team aspires to leave an impression on the lives of the people who live, work, and dwell within the projects we complete. The Imprint Architects team builds relationships. Our commitment and dedication to our clients does not end upon the completion of a project. Many of our clients are repeat customers in not only building design, but other design, graphic, and business ventures as well. We have helped past clients on everything from direct marketing campaigns to parade floats and just about everything in between. At Imprint Architects, relationships don't end with a project's completion, but continue on as professional and personal friendships.

Our values are our bond. With each other, and with our clients. They are a compass that guides our everyday decision making as well as our long term business planning. Integrity above all else. Listen to and serve our clients. Respect all opinions. Value our staff. Offer a SUPERIOR design experience. Strive for excellence in everything we do. Pay it forward.

Meet the team leading it all.