6 Ways to Embrace Change like a Champ and Design Your Workspace for What’s Next

Heather Van Essen


Apply Principles of Architecture to Adapt to Our New Work-From-Home Normal.

By definition, an architect is a person who plans, designs, and guides a project or undertaking. Sound like you? Balancing new work-from-home initiatives is making us architects in our own right: Planning, designing, and guiding our space, our day, and our tasks to leave our mark on the work at hand.  But how we embrace the new normal is what architects call change design and it means changing the underlying beliefs you have about your situation or space and changing the existing routines and processes to be effective and productive amidst change.

We’re suddenly expected to re-establish our physical space requirements and work goals, and to do so with no proper training. Our team at Imprint Architects can relate. 

Why is Change so Hard?

When thinking about a new work environment, change can be difficult. It disrupts the traditional pattern of work. Managing that change involves gaining acceptance from those directly impacted by the transition. During this time when most of the globe is quarantined at home, this means gaining acceptance from your family, and/or others you now interact with in the virtual space. This time in our lives is about striving to understand our new normal and putting forth a comprehensive plan to embrace the changes we are now experiencing daily. 

Recalibrate and Change How You See Your Situation

You likely started recognizing distractions on Day 1. The pets, the kids, the ability to do housework alongside office work…it is very different than 8 hours in an office. It’s bound to cause frustrations and make you feel imbalanced. But consider how these new distractions can make you more adaptable and plan for them to optimize your productivity.

Acknowledge the distraction where it is. Use it as an opportunity to give yourself a break. Drop that load of laundry into the machine, pause to toss a dog toy to your four-legged distraction, or play a quick game of hangman with your antsy little one; it’s easier to address the distraction rather than let it consume you. 

Shift your routine. Start your day early if you need to balance home life during the day. Maintain your evenings as you would before your office was in the other room. Create wellbeing reminders to get up and move, to take a break, to shut down from work. Keeping a routine with daytime work intentions will help you adapt and focus.

So from one architect to the next, use these simple tips to design for change:

Tip 1: Enjoy the Perks

  • Get work done along with laundry 
  • Bring your pet to work every day
  • Take a break on the sofa
  • Control the temperature
  • Embrace “no shoes required”
  • Enjoy meals around the dinner table

Tip 2: Wake Up

  • Set the alarm to your pre-pandemic wake-up time
  • Get ready for the day as if you were leaving the house to go to work
  • Maintain a routine – it’s important! 

Tip 3: Create a Work Haven

  • Designate a work area away from other parts of the house
  • Secure an area with limited distractions
  • Remember good posture and comfort

 Tip 4: Set a Schedule

  • Prioritize your day
  • Communicate work hours to team members – and housemates!
  • Plan 10-minute breaks

Tip 5: Maintain Your Well-being

  • Create wellbeing reminders to stand for a few minutes each hour
  • Get up and move/stretch
  • Do something unrelated to work
  • Connect with people, it can get lonely

Tip 6: Check Out

  • Pick a time and be done for the day
  • Push in your chair and walk away
  • Reward yourself. Enjoy your hobbies and family

Architecture Planning and Resources

Reach out to our team at Imprint Architects if seeking guidance on how to navigate your living space or workspace to create a better balance in this new normal. Our team aspires to leave an impression on the lives of the people who live, work, and dwell within the projects we complete. 

Work hard, stay healthy, and Leave Your Mark.  

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Heather Van Essen is an Interior Designer at Imprint Architects. In this role, Heather recognizes that creating an experience for the user is important for human interaction within a space, and she works to help guide architectural designs with this in mind. At home, Heather leads a family of five (including 3 pets!) so spending time together in between the chaos of daily responsibilities is where her heart lies.